Matagalpa is a colorful mountain town in the heart of Nicaragua.  Its characteristic red roofs and white cathedrals are surrounded by a green ring of peaks that disappear into the clouds.  Thanks to the elevation, the air is fresh and the climate is comfortable all year-round.  Being the largest town in the region, Matagalpa is well connected and makes an excellent base to explore the culture and landscape of Nicaragua.  Although it is a lively city, it remains a mountain town at heart, still subscribing to a slower pace of life.  A balcony in Matagalpa is the perfect place to escape distractions while the markets and restaurants below provide an endless conversation with characters that will keep you on your toes as you take your Spanish down to street level. 


Nicaragua is the vibrant crossroads of two continents and two oceans.  In the west, volcanoes still smolder over a landscape of shimmering lakes and brightly painted towns.  The road interior climbs steadily, winding its way up through mountainside villages to the cloud-covered highlands above.  Waterfalls plunge east into rivers that wander for days through ancient forests en route to the distant Caribbean coast.  For ages, this has been the theatre for the incredible story of Nicaragua. 

While Nicaragua’s unique history and culture are woven throughout the landscape, it is the people that bring the land to life.  To know the story of Nicaragua means first making eye contact with its people.  Nicaraguan culture starts with a handshake, and its history is best told through conversation.  Studying Spanish in Nicaragua is an opportunity at more than simply discovering a new culture, exploring history and practicing language.  It’s a chance to sink in to the community around you, get to know people by name, and bring the language and culture to life.


At ALC, we are committed to being an active part of our community.  We have amazing opportunities to both learn from and to serve our local friends. Particularly, serving alongside the people in the Village of Susuma, just outside of Matagalpa.

Language learners who want to enrich their Nicaraguan experience with travel and tours are in for a treat!  We partner with Salvaje NicaTours to help you find day trips or weekend outings so you can be intentional in soaking in the rich culture, beauty, and adventure that Nicaragua has to offer.