Our Spanish Immersion Programs

We welcome students of all ages and all levels of Spanish expertise. Whether you are learning as a family, traveling with a group of friends, or relishing in the ultimate immersion experience by traveling solo, The Academy would love to be a part of your language learning plan. Our courses combine classroom instruction, field assignments outside the classroom, and ample time in the community. This fuels learning in the classroom and reinforces what was taught in class. Our recipe for learning is a balance of classroom instruction, true language immersion, cultural exposure, and participation in community with Spanish- and English- learners alike.

All students will take an assessment test prior to starting classes so The Academy can best meet your individual learning needs. In addition, if you would like to hone your language studies to a particular specialty.

“Al final, lo que importa no son los años de vida, sino la vida de los años.” -Abraham Lincoln

1 week course

It would be ambitious to expect Spanish fluency with only one week of study. However, you will be surprised at just how much you can learn in one week. Your ears and your tongue will be attuned to correct Spanish pronunciation as you integrate speaking, listening, and writing practice throughout your week. Your language skills are sure to be enriched as you spend one on one conversation time with local Nicaraguans, visit the historic and cultural sites around Matagalpa, and learn how to cook traditional Nicaraguan food.

("In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." -Abraham Lincoln)

2 week course

There is no time like the present to spend two weeks in Matagalpa with The Academy! Immerse yourself into the rhythm of Nicaraguan life with Nicaraguan friends from The Academy. You will fall in love with the people of Nicaragua. As with all courses at The Academy, what you learn in the classroom is daily reinforced as you are intentionally guided to use the things you learn out in the community. You will also learn distinctly Nica Spanish colloquialisms and tour the city of Matagalpa to gain an appreciation for Nicaraguan history and traditions. What good are traditions if you don’t get to experience them firsthand? So, dive into the Latin rhythms zumba classes and cooking classes and test yourself: Can you really follow your instructors if you are allowed to only hear and speak Spanish? Of course you can! After all, you can’t just pick up and go to Matagalpa at any time…or can you?

(“Intelligence does not consist only in knowledge, but also in the ability to apply that knowledge in practice “- Aristotle)

“La inteligencia consiste no sólo en el conocimiento, sino también en
la destreza de aplicar los conocimientos en la práctica.” -Aristóteles

4 week course

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going” – Rita Mae Brown, American writer

If you can dedicate at least one full month to learning the Spanish language and Nicaraguan culture, this is the course that will change your life. In one month, you are more apt to develop Spanish proficiency and a depth of cultural awareness that cannot come from reading books alone. Our professors have the opportunity to fine-tune your Spanish comprehension, speaking, and writing skills both in and out of the classroom. You will experience more fun with the ALC community and enjoy fully immersing yourself with opportunities to learn how to salsa, zumba, and cook Nicaraguan fare. Evenings abound with entertainment opportunities, and our students can be found enjoying the best coffee shops in Nicaragua, wandering through the markets, wearing boots at the rodeo, enjoying a baseball game, swimming under waterfalls, exploring the countryside, and laughing it up with local Matagalpinos all over town. Short of moving to Nicaragua, this is the ultimate immersion program. We can’t wait to be a part of your journey of discovering the Nicaraguan culture through your mastery of Spanish!