study spanish at THE ACADEMY

At The Academy of Language & Culture we understand that there is no better way to learn a foreign language than to fully immerse yourself into the language and culture.  We are committed to helping you gain a greater proficiency with the Spanish language while you soak in the richness of Nicaraguan culture and our learning community. We recognize that people in an immersion experience have a wide variety of needs and goals. Whether you plan to study at The Academy for one week, two weeks, one month, or some other length of stay, we can meet your Spanish learning goals and help you experience the unforgettable beauty of Nicaragua and her charming people.

The Academy of Language & Culture is located in Matagalpa, a quaint and scenic mountain town in the heart of Nicaragua. The locals are delightful and enjoy sharing their love of Nicaragua with you. Though tourism is one of Nicaragua’s most rapidly growing industries, Matagalpa is not yet a place where you will be greeted with English everywhere you go. Instead, Matagalpa is an ideal setting to fully immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking world and daily live out the things you learn in class. 

Our Nicaraguan professors are experienced teachers who are eager to teach their native culture and language. Our community is unique because language acquisition does not stop in the classroom. You will have the opportunity to make lifelong friends with Nicaraguans as you practice your Spanish skills in school-wide parties, community outreach, organized 1:1 conversations, and field trips to coffee shops, markets, restaurants, and museums. We also partner with Salvaje NicaTours for those who have an adventurous spirit and want to explore beyond Matagalpa. 

Our Spanish Immersion Programs


We welcome students of all ages and all levels of Spanish expertise. Whether you are learning as a family, traveling with a group of friends, or relishing in the ultimate immersion experience by traveling solo, The Academy will enrich your language learning plan. Our courses combine classroom instruction, field assignments outside the classroom, and ample time in the community. Our recipe for learning is a balance of classroom instruction, true language immersion, and cultural exposure with Spanish- and English- learners alike. Click here to see our variety of courses.


Depending on your preference and duration of study in Matagalpa, you can stay in a nearby hostel, hotel, bed and breakfast, or home stay.  Each living accommodation provides its own natural and unique opportunities for you to practice Spanish every day. 


At The Academy, we are committed to being an active part of our community. We have amazing opportunities to both learn from and to serve our local friends.  There are many volunteer opportunities for students who wish to deepen their experience in Nicaragua.  Volunteering allows you to connect shoulder to shoulder and eye to eye with the locals and is a great way to enrich your stay.  We are happy to connect you with opportunities to give your time and abilities to the community in Matagalpa.


For students prone to exploration and adventure there is a world of opportunity that awaits you.  Your new language skills will serve you well as you get off the beaten track and explore the wild world of Nicaragua.  We are more than happy to assist you in answering adventure's call. Language learners who want to enrich their Nicaraguan experience with travel and tours are in for a treat!  We partner with Salvaje NicaTours to help you find day trips or weekend outings so you can be intentional in soaking in the rich culture, beauty, and adventure that Nicaragua has to offer.